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When you can't take it anymore... laugh at it all with us!

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Everything is Terrible

Activity Book


Everything is the worst. Politicians are crazy. The world is on fire. And everyone is busy exchanging insults and crappy recipes online. But, it’s no use buying a bunker and swearing off all human contact for good (yet).

Take the edge off of life’s horribleness with Everything Is Terrible, your guide for dealing with all the rage that comes with modern life. Including relatable complaints and activities, you’ll say goodbye (or at least see you later) to your anger in no time!

400 Pages filled with
100 Terrible Activities!
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I Hate Everything

Amateur haters, step aside. Time to learn what it really means to be miserable. Because this guy hates everything. From hating the little irks that happen now and then (like the water that squirts out of the mustard bottle) to hating the unfortunate realities of today's world (like that superheroes don't exist...but villains do), Matthew DiBenedetti tells readers how he really feels.

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I Hate Everyone


It's true: Misery does love company. But what kind of company can you keep if you can't stand anyone? This kind. No matter who they are or what they do that sets you off and gets you going, you'll find 'em inside. From rich people who are dicks to guys named Rich who go by Dick to those who are always cold to people who are just hot, no one is safe. But one thing is certain—everyone will find someone they equally despise. And you're gonna love it, period.

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I Hate Everything

The Journal You Hate to Write In


There is nothing worse than having no place to vent your frustrations with the world.  This Journal not only prompts you to "get it all out" but gives you full range to express how much you too Hate Everything.  Call it a little piece of sanity from this insane world, created by someone who understands exactly how you feel.  Hate it all with me!

Journal Anchor

© 2020 by Matthew DiBenedetti

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